Wet ‘n’ Wild: Surprisingly awesome?!

I’ve heard good things about Wet ‘n’ Wild from beauty bloggers and youtube gurus for a while now but I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy anything by the super popular brand.  I’ve got enough makeup as it is (storage post coming soon!) so I’m not really into purchasing cheap clutter that will get pushed to the back of the pile after one use.

However, after my favorite neutral eyeshadow palette basically fell apart, I was looking for a matte, nude individual eyeshadow that I could easily take in my travel makeup bag. So I looked on trusty Makeupalley to find a recommendation. Brulee by Wet ‘n’ Wild had a ridiculously high rating and cost less than a cup of coffee so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it out. Well, it wasn’t easy to find – it was sold out everywhere! I think I looked for a solid month before finally finding Brulee and as soon as I swatched it I knew it was going to be a staple. I guess Brulee was my gateway drug to Wet n’ Wild!

So when Sarahhawkinson (if you haven’t checked her out already you should!) recommended the comfort zone palette  in one of her videos I made a mental note to pick one up next time I went to Walgreens. Again, it was hard to find, but I finally found it at a CVS. Sarah raved about how pigmented the shadow is, and I have to say I full-heartedly agree! They are amazingly pigmented, and blend out so nice and smooth. You only need a tiny bit on your brush to get a strong wash of pigment across your eyelid. Glitter-phobes should stay away as there are no matte shadows. Normally, that would really bug me because I prefer matte shadows, but for some reason I really like the shimmer that these shadows have. It’s shimmery and chic looking not gritty or teenagery and it’s a nice change to my normal highlighter with mascara that I’ve been wearing to work lately. They do have a little bit of that dustiness that I associate with cheap eyeshadow, but I find that if I use a very light hand when applying them I can minimize the fall-out. As you can see from the I’ve only used the 4 neutral looking shades (the first three on the left side and the top one on the right) and I doubt I’ll be using the other shades (maybe for going out?)  but for $5 I feel like I’ve already got my money’s worth!

I always pair the Wet ‘n’ Wild shadows with Too Faced Shadow Insurance to make sure that they stay crease-free. Without the primer, they crease within an hour or two but this is the usual occurrence with even high-end eyeshadows on my lids. I’m really looking forward to travelling with this pallet because it’s so slim so it doesn’t take up much space but still gives me lots of options.